Thank you for visiting my webpage. My writings are an attempt at exploring by way of contemplation and reflection, the fundamental aspects of one’s own mind and its thought processes. My writings are a way to making a logical, analytical, and, deep probe, into the very foundation that makes up one’s self. Without an understanding of one’s own self, how can one hope to understand anything else? To resolve conflicts of any nature, one must first acknowledge, the conflicts that exist in oneself. By it’s very nature, thought divides and separates. The moment there is the thought of “I”, there is that implied isolation and exclusivity in that. How then can one hope to bring about harmony in one’s relationships with the world, when there is that self-created division within? Self-realization must be this, after all, is it not? It is for the Self to know this, about itself. — PRIYHA KANNANFirst blog post

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About me

I am a writer of books on Spirituality that explores the nature of thought and deeper aspects of consciousness. My previous publishing credits include my first book, “The Being Doesn’t Become”, which was published in the United States. I am a graduate of law and had received my formal education and training in England and the US.

I started writing, in an attempt to pen down my thoughts which explores if a fundamental and radical transformation in oneself is actually possible, by an understanding of the deeper aspects of human nature.

I have had a deep interest in the study of the realms of human consciousness and its relation to the world, since a very young age. Many a change, many an experience, many an uncertainty, many a people, many a thought, have shaped, and, influenced, my journey.

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