Why do we meet temporary people in this life and treat them as an important part of life?

57For one to regard anything as temporary, one ought to know what is permanent. If it is an idea of something permanent, then it is merely an idea, which is prone to change. What is the one thing in life that stays and never changes, besides change itself? Change is the one constant, not permanent, in a field that is transitory. What place has permanence in the field of impermanence? Can one hope to find anything lasting on a temporary foundation? One must therefore, explore, if there is anything untouched by change.

One is a product of one’s conditioning. And conditioning is influenced by one’s circumstances, time, culture, society, traditions, education, beliefs, faith, etc. And society is not something outside of you, but, it is you and me. It is an extension of you and me. You, and, I, are the people. And everything influences everything else. You, have an influence over your family, and I, have an influence over mine, and vice versa. The planets have an influence over other planets, and, over us, and so on. Therefore, what you think, is shaped by another’s influence, and, its constantly changing. What you thought you were in childhood is drastically different to what you were in your youth and that is ever changing with time, circumstances, and culture, strengthening one’s conditioning. To evolve from this would keep all your conditioning intact as the foundation from which one evolves, is it not? There is no evolution in this process, just a repeat play, that’s all. One thought replacing another thought endlessly.

To embrace that which is untouched by change, one must first let go of all that which is touched by change, and that includes all your conditioning, influenced by all your beliefs, all your ideologies, your faith, your fears, your insecurities, your hopes, your desires, your opinions, your memories of your past experiences, both good and bad, etc. That is, one must let go all of one’s thoughts, arising from one’s conditioning, is it not? One must therefore, explore for oneself and see what happens.


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