What is the purpose of my life?

Questioner: I am a commerce student. I was having an undisturbed life inside my education shell. I began to wonder what I am doing here. What is purpose of my life? Why did big bang happen amongst many others things. What is expected from me by the universe? I am helping other people but I don’t think that is the ultimate for me. What are some bigger things that I am expected to do? I am here for a reason, how can I find this reason of my being? Is there any supreme energy called God? How is he looking after me? I have lots of questions which I don’t know I should be having or not. I am 23 years old. I have read the scriptures of all religions. I have also read general theory of relativity and big bang theory. I still don’t have any answer. I try to look into religious texts, Jyotish science everywhere. I still don’t have any answer. Please help me.

23 years old
Sir, if one has read one too many books, attended many discourses, consulted various experts and yet one has not found what one is looking for, isn’t it clearly pointing out that one cannot find what one is looking for in any of these? Which means what? It means if you are constantly looking for something, you must have some framework or idea or a vague memory, or perhaps even a faint glimpse, of what it is you seek already within you. And after having met so many experts if one is not satisfied with all what one has heard or been told, it simply means that the explanations and answers received from outside doesn’t quite meet the answer that is already within you, is it not? To explore one’s self, one’s purpose in one’s own life, where must one seek? Must one not ask oneself what is it that one is, what is it that one is looking for endlessly, why is one endlessly discontent with one’s life, what is the purpose of one’s life, what is God, if there is God etc? That is, if I need to know myself, must I study myself, or must I be asking an expert who has great self-knowledge, as to who I am? And, if another were to tell you, you are such and such, however convincingly, and lucidly, of what value would it be to you if you merely understand it intellectually without actually knowing it for yourself as a fact? So, to know yourself, you must look within yourself, is it not? How can another make you see your purpose in life, if you yourself don’t see it? That is, how can another answer what your purpose in life is, if you yourself don’t know? And, why does one want to know purpose? To know the purpose of something, must one not first understand that something or someone, that is hungry for a purpose? Without knowing what is it that is searching for the purpose, and why it needs a purpose, how can one directly jump to searching for a purpose? To cure a disease, one must first diagnose the cause, otherwise you will merely be treating the symptoms, is it not? Therefore, if there is the endless restlessness in you, the discontentment in you, must you not first seek out the source as to where the restlessness or discontentment arises from within you, before trying to find out what its purpose should or shouldn’t be? Sir, of what value is purpose, if you don’t know whose purpose it is that you are searching for?  

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